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Heart touching letter from our patient family

Dr. Selvakumar Naganathan and Team,
Apollo Hospital, Chennai, INDIA


Dear Doctor,
I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you and your entire team to save my son’s life who was in critical stage. All of your hard work, timely decision making capabilities and since effort saved his life. Irrespective of your hectic schedule you analyze patients condition in very detail manner and make right decision which is very vital in saving my Son’s life and many other patients life.

Our entire family handed over the patient at your responsibility and in the hands of you & your Liver Transplant team at Apollo hospital. Even though it took more time to schedule his surgery due to extensive government formalities & procedures in the case of transplant surgery, we were all waited and followed your office instructions with patience at the end it was all paid back with good results. Our belief, trust, patience and all the efforts we have taken together with you & your great team as a family did not go in vain. When it comes to hygiene and safety precautions particularly at this pandemic time due to COVID, its a world class service offered by you & your team and by the Apollo hospital management with excellent facilities provided. We are immensely happy and fully satisficed with everything you and your team have done to save my son’s life.

I wish you all the very best & success and I pray to God that you all live longer and save more life and best wishes to you all.. Thank you very much.


Dear Doctor,
My heartfelt thanks to you and your entire team of Doctors, Nurses, Co-Ordinator’s and other supporting staffs at Liver Transplant Unit in Apollo Hospital, Chennai for all the hard work and sincere effort in the entire journey of my husband’s pre and post surgery treatment with high care. During that stressful time you and your team of doctors gave us hope and confidence to move forward with the entire treatment procedures.

We are very thankful to you & your team for your time to answer all our questions with patience also we were able to reach you at any time for any help required. Also all of your team of doctors provided us with details at all times about my husband’s health condition and about the treatment. Which gives peace and energy to our entire family that we are at the right place and with right hands. Also immediately after the surgery your quick decision to proceed for additional procedure which is critical to do in a timely manner and now we are very happy that it saved my husband’s life.

Myself and my entire family feel that we are blessed to have you and your team to treat my husband who was in critical stage. Now he is in good health and we are happy with all of you and your team members with the post surgery treatment provided at the time of our routine visits. I do not have more words to convey our thanks to you and your team and we wish you all the best for all of your future endeavors!
Affectionately, Padmashree (Wife)

Thanks and best wishes to Dr. Selvakumar Naganathan,
Dr. Nivas,
Dr. Sapana Verma,
Dr. Srikanth,
Dr. Nanda Kumar,
Dr. Arun,
Dr. Ravindran,
Dr. Shruthi