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Man came all the way from Nepal to Chennai to get transplanted by Ask Liver Transplant team

Inception of indisposition:

After perpetual stomach aches & weakening immunity over the years, the 39-year-old Tanahun district, Nepal resident sought local medical care. However to no avail, as his liver condition had deteriorated to a degree that warranted a closer inspection by trained doctors under lab conditions.
Mr. Rajendra Nepal is a family man from Nepal who received liver transplantation in Chennai-India with the help of Ask Liver Transplant. Ask Liver Transplant functions as a one-stop destination to serve to all kinds of liver-related ailments. They work with a panel of surgeons and consultants for advanced liver transplant and HPB surgery, critical care and anesthesia experts, radiologists, and hepatology for adults and children. In Mr. Rajendra’s case his quotidian activities were being impeded due to his ailment, which led this private-sector working class male towards the big city in India from Nepal.

Diagnosis for better understanding:

“We were afraid for him, to our consternation the medical procedure seemed exigent, however Rajendra was equanimous and explained to us that there wasn’t any need to be worried“ said Mr. Rajendra’s wife.

Mr. Rajendra traveled to the capital three years ago to cater to his liver treatment at several medical centres of which at one, an endoscopic test was carried out by the doctors, in which they identified ascites in his peritoneal cavity, causing abdominal swelling. Subsequently, he was informed that transplantation is the only plausible treatment left for his illness.

Costing & expenses for the procedure:

Albeit, the liver transplant procedure costs significantly less here in India when compared to other European & Western countries, it costs substantially much for most of the populous of the nation. Hence, once Mr. Rajendra learnt that an impending transplant is the only cure left to his affliction; he couldn’t help but mull over the entailed expenditures, which deterred his will to seek treatment for the time being, resulting in him to defer the procedure for a later date.

After a few years, Mr. Rajendra realised that his delay had exacerbated his liver condition & would require a transplant expeditiously, therefore he made arrangements for his transplant expenses with friends & family & thereby he contacted a known doctor in Delhi, who henceforth introduced him to Dr. Selvakumar Naganthan in Chennai.

Commencing Operation:

Once Mr. Rajendra was under Dr. Selva’s wing, Dr. Selva & Mr. Rajendra were in regular contact with each other closing in on the transplant’s commencement. Dr. Selva explained the intricacies of the procedure, which took little effort as Mr. Rajendra is a professional paramedic himself.

Alas, the fateful day came to be, when Mr. Rajendra was called upon to Chennai from Nepal and admitted to the hospital for the procedure, initiated by a team of surgeons & skilled medical staff, associated with ask liver transplant. Whilst Mr. Rajendra’s family waited for him at the hospital campus, patiently, perfervidly, fervently wishing for his successful operation.
The procedure was several hours long & took an extensive methodological approach to cater to the patient. Mr. Rajendra happens to be the first patient to have a transplant procedure in the hospital therefore this particular case had a lot at stake for the staff & the hospital & Ask liver transplant provided with the best healthcare solutions & ingenious route for the patient to traverse this journey hand-in-hand with Ask liver transplant team members. The entire responsibility of obtaining a suitable donor and process of transplanting were fully taken care of by Ask liver transplant members, resulting in a phenomenally successful transplant.

Recovery, Rehabilitation & Release:

Once the procedure was successful, Mr. Rajendra was accommodated in the hospital patient housing facility for recouping from the procedure and rehabilitation and was thereby discharged within 12 days of elapsed time. Mr. Rajendra now has returned to his country and stays in touch with Ask liver transplantC team, continuing to live a prosperous life without ailing from liver inflicted afflictions resuming his day-to-day activities. Mr. Rajendra extols the aid ask liver transplant community has provided and the monumental drift it has brought in his life.

An Oath of Dedication And Commitment:

We at Ask Liver Transplant are committed to providing best in class services to our seekers and pledge to regale all those who require our services, assisting them in leading a proud, healthy & flourishing life