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Patient story of a senior citizen ageing 63 – successful Whipple’s procedure

Pancreaticoduodenectomy widely known as the Whipple Procedure is one of the complicated surgery methods used to cut off the mouth portion of the pancreas from patient’s body. This is usually practiced in order to cure dysfunctional pancreas or when there are disorders in the organ like tumour or cancer. In this article, we shall go through the experiences of a 63-year homemaker who went through the Whipple’s Procedure successfully.


Before diving into the topic, let’s quickly understand the functionality of pancreas. It is notably a part of the digestive system located in the abdomen region. Pancreas does the job of extracting nutrients from our food intake and convert the same to the body cells. It is a spongy organ located amidst small intestine, spleen and liver.

Victim Details

The patient in this case is a female by gender. Ageing 63, the patient is a homemaker in Vilupuram. She experienced physiological discomforts recently. It is a fact that in people ageing above 45 years, the probability of developing pancreatic troubles or cancer is very high. On initial consultation sessions, the victim was suspected to have developed Pancreatic Cancer which got confirmed in the series of tests performed on her. As she and her family knocked the doors of doctors, she was left with no other choice than to opt for Whipple’s Procedure in which the mouth of pancreas will be operated and removed.

This being a critical condition, the patient had to choose the best healthcare service solution and approached Ask Liver Transplant led by Dr. Selvakumar Naganathan.

About Dr. Selvakumar Naganathan

Selvakumar is an expert hand in liver transplantation and sciences. He is one of the popular names in liver transplant surgery. His humble approach, meticulous handling of patients with care and keen focus, besides supporting their financial needs for surgeries and treatments are worthy of special mention. He has also made multiple presentations in various national and international conferences for knowledge sharing, to note.

The 63-year female patient discussed her condition across the table with Dr. Selvakumar where she was educated about the real-time physical condition of her pancreatic functioning and that the only option suitable for her is the Whipple’s procedure.

About Ask Liver Transplant

Ask Liver Transplant (ALT) is a dedicated destination where patients can approach not just for their liver-related troubles, but a host of other physical disorders including pancreas. Be it transplantation, any kind of surgery or treatment, ALT is here to help with utmost critical care, sophisticated equipment, diagnostic procedure and expert doctors and surgeons. The panel of radiologists, anesthesia experts and surgeons make sure to give highest quality services to their patients.

Switching back to the patient story, the patient was educated about the surgery so that she will have no apprehensions about undergoing the same and was given enough confidence to go through the Whipple’s procedure.

The Surgery

The Whipple’s procedure is often recommended for pancreas cancer, tumour, or bile duct cancer, amupllary cancer or others. It is a complex surgery that may have the complications of developing temporary or permanent diabetes, bleeding in the area of surgery, infections at the zone of incisions, or others. It is a fact that only expert surgeons could handle the procedure as with Ask Liver Transplant.

About Ask Liver Transplant

Ask Liver Transplant functions to facilitate patients from economically poor backgrounds who struggle to fund their own surgical processes. We help them in getting approval for CM’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme in the quickest possible time so that there is no delay or complications in the condition any further.

Wind up note

The surgery was successfully conducted on the patient. Being 60+, the victim was given extra care and strenuous follow-up checkups for reassuring her good health post-surgery. The victim and her entire family felt thankful to the services extended by Dr. Selvakumar and ALT team.