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Successful Liver Hepatectomy surgery in Tamil Nadu for 55-year liver failure victim

Hepatectomy is a procedure where surgical resection is performed. This involves removing minor portions of the organ which may be often prescribed for liver dysfunctional conditions. This article is to introduce you to the patient story of a 55-year old farmer from a little town in Tamil Nadu who underwent a complete liver Hepatectomy surgery free of cost with the help and assistance of Ask Liver Transplant.

Victim Details

As aforementioned, the patient is a 55-year male. He is a farmer by profession. It is a fact that due to excessive exposure to chemicals in the form of pesticides and fertilizers, farmers are easily prone to develop liver-related ailments. That being said, the victim suffered multiple symptoms of liver damage which eventually got chronic. On observing this persistent condition, the patient approached a liver diagnosis expert where a series of tests were performed to analyze the physiology of the liver and its effectiveness in functioning. To their shock, the patient was diagnosed with liver failure which gave them no secondary option than to go for liver Hepatectomy at the quickest possible time.

Considering the Indian healthcare industry, people have got ample opportunities and quick access to get treated for minor liver problems, but when it comes to Hepatectomy, it is imperative to be choosy. And the victim was fortunate enough to learn about Ask Liver Transplant led by Dr. Selvakumar Naganathan. The doctor notably has over 13 years of experience in liver science and transplantation. He is a revered name in liver transplant surgery and contributes to the lives of people who are in need. He also presents his clinical works at various national and international conferences while also serving as the Director of Institute of Liver Transplantation, HPB Surgery at MGM Healthcare.

Over and above, with the motive of educating the public and creating awareness about liver health and overall well-being, Dr. Selvakumar has been constantly conducting online and offline campaigns, awareness shout outs, videos, and promotions to reach out to maximum population.

It is fortunate for the farmer patient to learn the good deeds of Dr. Selvakumar whom he approached with skeptical mind, but to his surprise he was received positively at Ask Liver Transplant.

About Ask Liver Transplant

Ask Liver Transplant functions as one-stop destination to attend to all kinds of liver-related ailments. They work with a panel of surgeons and consultants for advanced liver transplant and HPB surgery, critical care and anesthesia experts, Radiologists, and Hepatology for adults and children.

The patient started feeling confident and hopeful on stepping into Ask Liver Transplant where his entire patient history was deeply studied and analyzed. As already prescribed by the locale doctor, the expert panel at Ask Liver Transplant who provides the best liver transplantation surgery in Chennai recommended transplanting his liver in the quickest possible time in order to avoid complications any further.

The Surgery

Ask Liver Transplant (ALT) also extends helping hand in arranging funds for the transplantation. In addition, they also offer free liver transplantation surgery to the deserving patients upon approval of all prerequisites as per the CM’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme.

The patient is fortunate enough to have joined hands with Ask Liver Transplant where he obtained end-to-end healthcare solution and got his liver Hepatectomy done successfully. The entire responsibility of carrying out the procedure was fully taken care of by ALT members.

Wind up note

Now the patient leads a normal life like any others. The liver Hepatectomy was a grand success and stands high as a token of dedication, and commitment by Ask Liver Transplant headed by Dr. Selvakumar. We would love to have more of his services in the coming years and extend helping hand to the needy.